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Hi All,
This is the first message on the Chronicles of Doryen’s blog.
This blog is about a roguelike videogame currently in development.
If you don’t know what a roguelike is, search the web for ‘nethack’, ‘adom’, or ‘angband’.
For more information about the roguelike games, check roguebasin.

So what are “The Chronicles of Doryen” and why call it a “next generation” roguelike ?

Rather than being yet another roguelike using standard roguelike techniques and gameplay, TCOD explores new paths for the ascii hack’n slash genre. Some of its features may displease hardcore roguelike players. But hey! This is an experimental game…

Some of the fancy features :
– ASCII mode, but 24 bits colors
– real time (instead of turn by turn)
– 2.5d (buildings with floors. You can walk on terraces and roofs)

You can see some early development screenshots (title and in-game screen) at the beginning of this message.

This is only the beginning! Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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