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Author Jeff Lait
Language C++
Status 7DRL
License BSD
First announce 2011-03-13
Homepage http://www.zincland.com/7drl/orcs/
Description Your remote mountain village is snowed in awaiting the pass to clear when an earthquake strikes, revealing a new cave complex. It so happens that tales in the village have told of such a cave complex many generations ago. That time vicious orcs stormed out and attacked the defenseless villagers. This time, you are here.

Since the rest of the villagers are too fearful or too doubtful to make a foray into the caverns, it is up to you to explore their depths and rid the village of this threat.

Vicious Orcs is a game in the Angband style. Except much shorter. Much like Quickband quickened.

The features of Vicious Orcs are:

One main quest and three sub-quests.
Active and dynamic town!
Only six dungeon levels to explore!
Magical potions and magical rings to find and identify!