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Author Yamamushi
Language C++
Status alpha
License GPL
First announce 2012-07-09
Homepage http://www.theasciiproject.com
Description The goal of "The ASCII Project" is to develop a Unicode-based "roguelike" MMORPG, based on a persistent world driven by a player-run economy.

The interface will resemble existing rogue-like projects, such as Dwarf Fortress and Nethack, with the heavy use of a text based interface - thus allowing for more development time to focus on engine features without the constant overhead of interfacing with a heavy (3D) graphics front end.

It's difficult to assign the project to a specific genre, as the "Tech" research portion of the engine allows for the game world to move forward from a fantasy based game into a sci-fi based game as (much) time progresses. However for the purposes of describing the initial state of the game world, "Fantasy-Based" will suffice.

Players will be able to form relationships with each other as well as NPCs to establish tribes, villages, cities and perhaps even entire nations. All of this will be driven by a server-side "Relationship Engine", allowing for evolving NPC relationships without requiring player interaction.

The relationship "level" between characters and NPCs will be used to determine procedural generation parameters for the evolving state of the game world. For instance, an NPC who is enemies with a given alliance may be more willing to assist players with an attack or may even pursue an attack on their own without player interaction being necessary.