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Author Chris Whitman
Language python
Status 7DRL
License Closed source
First announce 2012-03-20
Homepage http://christopherwhitman.net/blog/?p=11
Description Porta Lucis is turn-based suspense/horror Roguelike with a non-linear storyline and unconventional gameplay.

While its levels are randomly generated, it features largely deterministic combat (i.e., there is very little randomness in the way NPCs in the world move or behave), and any hostile encounter is win-or-lose. Either you survive or your opponent does, depending on the circumstances.

The narrative and its interactions with gameplay encapsulate what I think is an interesting direction for storytelling in games (albeit present here in a very abridged format). If you're interested in this, pay attention to the in-game text, item descriptions, etc.

That said, it is also possible to ignore much of the text and just run from scary shit in the dark, in which case you can use ESC to skip more quickly through dialogue sequences.

The game is best played in the dark with fullscreen on (Press Alt-Enter to switch to fullscreen), although your mileage may very as far as your monitor's aspect ratio goes.

The game can be exhausted in about an hour of dedicated play. I hope you enjoy it, and thanks very much for playing.