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Author Tanthie
Language C++
Status 7DRL
License Closed source
First announce 2012-03-18
Homepage https://sites.google.com/site/dwcroguelikes/
Description You play as a freshly born wyrmling dragon ('D'), trying to survive and prosper in Drakefire Chasm. Eat lesser beings, hoard riches, defeat your foes, and finally become a Great Wyrm, the most terrifying and noblest of creatures.

Your goal on each level is to get your satiation level to 100% by eating the corpses of your enemies. Once fully satiated, enter the tunnel ('<') to continue onto the next level. Gathering gems ('*') and coins ('$') (autopicked when moving on them) increases your score.

Your dragon ages when entering a new level, gaining bonuses to attributes, more health, and new abilities.