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Author Jeff Lait
Language C++
Status 7DRL
License BSD
First announce 2012-03-18
Homepage http://www.zincland.com/7drl/sword/
Description Thousands of years ago, in the midst of the Age of Heroes, a powerful magic sword was crafted. Forged from sky-iron it was named "The Freyblade".

It gained increasing notoriety as it passed from hero to hero and warlord to warlord. Eventually, it, or should we say, you, gained self-awareness. As your powers awakened, you soon found you could easily overpower the will of any who wielded you.

Still, being a sword, your own goals lacked any overarching purpose. You contented yourself with serving king after king, happily joining any cause that let you see action.

Your last owner met its fate in the depths of a particularly deep dungeon. After a hundred year rest in its skeletal grip, you have been found and once more provided a body to control.

King Viola, it seems, has a problem. He and his foe, King Crimson, are set to wage a battle to the death. However a quick glance at the strategic situation shows the battle will be swift and glorious: for King Crimson!

So you have been awakened to do what you do best.

Have fun!