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Author William Aman
Language C++
Status alpha
License Closed source
First announce 2010-12-24
Homepage http://www.legacyofawarlord.com
Description The premise of the game is that you are a warlord of whatever past you decide upon. A farmer, town citizen, wandering hunter, and more. The story with the shipped game will be: over the years sinkholes have opened in the land pouring out demons and demonized creatures. Creatures that now terrorize the surrounding lands. You may elect to hire an army of mercenaries, conscript townspeople or ask others you meet in the wilderness to join you. With an army you can build towns, raid sinkholes or towns to ultimately form the world to your will (or just try to survive). Then again, you may decide an army is unnecessary and grind your way to be the most powerful being that ever existed. It is up to you the player to decide the outcome of the story.