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Author Stuart George
Language C
Status 7DRL
License GPL
First announce 2009-02-02
Homepage http://redmine.bloodycactus.com/projects/rawdin/wiki
Description You the lone adventurer must rid the word of the evil that festers, Rawdin must be killed. Many days have you journed across the land to his tomb.

At last, you seen the markings from the Priests of Zion that adorn the temple doorway.

The stones around the doorway depict his imprisonment on both sides culminating at the top of the arch with a priest striking down Rawdin with his mighty scepter.

You steel yourself for the perilous descent.

The Priests of Zion have empowered two guardian statues on each level of the tomb, they are the power batteries for the forcefield that has locked Rawdin in on the final level.