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Author Christopher Brandt
Language C++
Status 7DRL
License Closed source
First announce 2009-03-07
Homepage http://home.arcor.de/avielsstand/underbooks.html
Description Based on Aviel's stand engine.
As you enter the city of Underbooks, the first thing you notice is the smellof old paper. You know that this is where you're fathers library is, or rather the library that once belonged to him, before he died and some annoying Lizard bought it along with the basement below the library. As you enter the library you notice a shield:

"Stepeth in younge adventurer! Down below zis library are bookz of highest
interest! Bring me zem and I will pay you!

You know what to do: gather enough money to buy your father's library back!

"By ze way: if ye want zee shop, I zell for 60.000."