The Chronicles Of Doryen

Comment by Advenith on tigsource.com :
“This will either be the best roguelike ever made or it’ll be absolute shit.”

Dense vegetation on somethingawful.com forums :
“This guy is releasing what looks to be an amazing modern Roguelike.”

Article on philosophicalgamer.com
“If there’s any project to watch, I’d say that this is definitely one of the most important.”


Rather than being yet another roguelike using standard roguelike techniques and gameplay, TCOD explores new paths for the text-mode hack’n slash genre. Some of its features may displease hardcore roguelike players. But hey! This is an experimental game…

Some of the fancy features :
– text mode, but true color console
– real time (instead of turn by turn)

The base classes of TCOD are available in the Doryen library. The library source code is available under the BSD license. Check the Doryen library page for more information.


TCOD is currently in stasis. The Doryen Arena has shown that the fighting system planned for TCOD was rather tedious. That’s why I try to find a more fluid and intuitive gameplay. I successfully experimented a very simplified version of it in Pyromancer !. Pyromancer ! also introduced new visual possibilities. Currently, TCOD is waiting for a third prototype to be released before going into a major rewrite.

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