2.1.1. Creating the game window

static void TCODConsole::initRoot (int w, int h, const char * title, bool fullscreen = false, TCOD_renderer_t renderer = TCOD_RENDERER_SDL)

void TCOD_console_init_root (int w, int h, const char * title, bool fullscreen, TCOD_renderer_t renderer)

console_init_root (w, h, title, fullscreen = False, renderer = RENDERER_SDL)

static void TCODConsole::initRoot(int w, int h, string title)
void TCODConsole::initRoot(int w, int h, string title, bool fullscreen)
void TCODConsole::initRoot(int w, int h, string title, bool fullscreen, TCODRendererType renderer)

tcod.console.initRoot(w,h,title) -- fullscreen = false, renderer = SDL
tcod.console.initRoot(w,h,title,fullscreen) -- renderer = SDL

w,hsize of the console(in characters). The default font in libtcod (./terminal.png) uses 8x8 pixels characters.
You can change the font by calling TCODConsole::setCustomFont before calling initRoot.
titletitle of the window. It's not visible when you are in fullscreen.
Note 1 : you can dynamically change the window title with TCODConsole::setWindowTitle
fullscreenwether you start in windowed or fullscreen mode.
Note 1 : you can dynamically change this mode with TCODConsole::setFullscreen
Note 2 : you can get current mode with TCODConsole::isFullscreen
rendererwhich renderer to use. Possible values are :
* TCOD_RENDERER_GLSL : works only on video cards with pixel shaders
* TCOD_RENDERER_OPENGL : works on all video cards supporting OpenGL 1.4
* TCOD_RENDERER_SDL : should work everywhere!
Note 1: if you select a renderer that is not supported by the player's machine, libtcod scan the lower renderers until it finds a working one.
Note 2: on recent video cards, GLSL results in up to 900% increase of framerates in the true color sample compared to SDL renderer.
Note 3: whatever renderer you use, it can always be overriden by the player through the libtcod.cfg file.
Note 4: you can dynamically change the renderer after calling initRoot with TCODSystem::setRenderer.
Note 5: you can get current renderer with TCODSystem::getRenderer. It might be different from the one you set in initRoot in case it's not supported on the player's computer.

TCODConsole::initRoot(80, 50, "The Chronicles Of Doryen v0.1");

TCOD_console_init_root(80, 50, "The Chronicles Of Doryen v0.1", false, TCOD_RENDERER_OPENGL);

libtcod.console_init_root(80, 50, 'The Chronicles Of Doryen v0.1')

tcod.console.initRoot(80,50,"The Chronicles Of Doryen v0.1")