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2.1.2 Using a custom bitmap font

This function allows you to use a bitmap font (png or bmp) with custom character size or layout.
It should be called before initializing the root console with initRoot.
Once this function is called, you can define your own custom mappings using mapping functions

C++ : static void TCODConsole::setCustomFont(const char *fontFile, int flags=TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL,int nbCharHoriz=0, int nbCharVertic=0)
C   : void TCOD_console_set_custom_font(const char *fontFile, int flags,int nb_char_horiz, int nb_char_vertic)
Py  : console_set_custom_font(fontFile, flags=FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL,nb_char_horiz=0, nb_char_vertic=0)

fontFileName of a .bmp or .png file containing the font.
flagsUsed to define the characters layout in the bitmap and the font type :
TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL : characters in ASCII order, code 0-15 in the first column
TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INROW : characters in ASCII order, code 0-15 in the first row
TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_TCOD : simplified layout. See examples below.
TCOD_FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE : create an anti-aliased font from a greyscale bitmap
For python, remove TCOD _ :
nbCharHoriz,nbCharVerticNumber of characters in the font.
Should be 16x16 for ASCII layouts, 32x8 for TCOD layout.
But you can use any other layout.
If set to 0, there are deduced from the font layout flag.

Different font layouts


Different font types

(non antialiased)
(32 bits PNG)
Example :
Examples of fonts can be found in libtcod's fonts directory. Check the Readme file there.

C++ : TCODConsole::setCustomFont("standard_8x8_ascii_in_col_font.bmp",TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL);
      TCODConsole::setCustomFont("greyscale_8x8_tcod_font.png",TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_TCOD | TCOD_FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE);
C   : TCOD_console_set_custom_font("standard_8x8_ascii_in_col_font.bmp",TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL,16,16);
      TCOD_console_set_custom_font("greyscale_8x8_tcod_font.png",TCOD_FONT_LAYOUT_TCOD | TCOD_FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE,32,8);
Py  : libtcod.console_set_custom_font("standard_8x8_ascii_in_col_font.bmp",libtcod.FONT_LAYOUT_ASCII_INCOL)
      libtcod.console_set_custom_font("greyscale_8x8_tcod_font.png",libtcod.FONT_LAYOUT_TCOD | libtcod.FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE)

You can dynamically update the content of the font bitmap with this function :

C++ : static void TCODSystem::updateChar(int asciiCode, int fontx, int fonty,const TCODImage *img,int x,int y)
C   : void TCOD_sys_update_char(int asciiCode, int fontx, int fonty, TCOD_image_t img, int x, int y)
Py  : sys_update_char(asciiCode, fontx,fonty,img,x,y)

asciiCodeAscii code currently mapped to this font character.
fontx, fontyPosition of the character in the font (in number of characters, not in pixels)
imgNew image for this character. The size of this image must be equal or greater than the font character's size.
x,yPosition of the new character bitmap in img, in pixels (in case img contains several characters).