Why another library ? Why in Rust ?

I’ve always wanted to port libtcod to the web. Back in the days, the browsers were too slow. Then things improved and I was able to create a typescript library similar to libtcod. But typescript is being eclipsed (at least for me) by the almighty Rust/WASM combo.

To me Rust is the best language since C. It’s fast, it’s reliable and it can natively target native linux, windows, mac and the web. Sounds like a developer dream.

What’s in doryen-rs ?

This is only the console part of libtcod (input + rendering).


  • fast GLSL renderer
  • keyboard and mouse support => in alpha, lacks typing support
  • true color console => in alpha, lacks advanced formatting methods and console blitting
  • bitmap font support => supports rgb and rgba fonts, greyscale font support to be added soon


What will be added ?

  • UTF-8 support
  • PNG image blitting on background color
  • subcell resolution : might be added later

Where is it ?

On github of course.



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