0.7.0b1 online !

I’ve just pushed the 0.7.0 version on github. You can try the game here and the benchmark here.

As it’s still poorly balanced, I suggest you rather use the debug version at http://roguecentral.org/doryen/yendor.ts/game/index.html?debug=1 as you start with a lot of goodies that make survival easier.

It’s the first version featuring an actual widget toolkit and an actual scene manager. You can try the widgets in a new sample from the benchmark.


In this version, creatures corpses sometimes contain loot. Some chests are also placed at strategic places in dungeons.


After a few iterations of bugfixing and balancing, I’ll start working on 0.8.0 whose main goal is to bring more monsters in the rooms containing chests. This implies a behavior tree module in yendor.ts and a refactoring of the current A.I. code.


[edit] : contrary to what the readme reads, the GUI toolkit doesn’t use immediate mode anymore. It’s a standard class-based widget toolkit.

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