TCOD’s weather system !

After the cave, it’s now the turn to the original TCOD engine to give away some gems.

For this one, I had to use Linux to squash a nasty memory corruption bug, so the zip contains both windows/mingw and linux binaries and makefiles.
Features :
– day/night cycle
– weather system with
– varying cloud thickness
– varying wind speed and direction
– rain
– lightning

Get it here.

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  1. You can cause a nasty storm by pressing “minus” down!! That’s pretty cool, it has tons of details like lightning and cloud shadows 🙂 The only thing I’d change would be the color of the rain; it could be the background color only lighter, instead of a solid blue. Anyway it looks great!

    So… no weather in the cave, eh? 😛

  2. Weather in the cave, Jotaf? Caves are traditionally rather sheltered from the weather. You wouldn’t expect rain indoors, would you?
    Of course, having said that, the only screenshots I’ve seen of the cave have been outdoors, so I guess weather could have worked.

  3. mmh making color lighter instead of solid blue… might look cool indeed. I wonder if it wouldn’t look weird in night scenes though… to be tested.
    As for the cave, the first chapter occurs outside of the cave, but the whole chapter represents a single afternoon, so no need for day/night cycle. Changing weather would be weird for a single afternoon too and I’ve no need for weather for the gameplay.

    But the cave’s outdoor chapter is a prototype for TCOD so at some point, I’ll need to merge all this… (world gen + water ripple + day/night + weather = TCOD….)

  4. Hehe I was just goofing around 😛 Even in the beginning of the chapter, Jice said it’s supposed to be peaceful and dream-like so even there weather is not needed.

    I’m also developing my RL in a smaller setting before extending it to the big one. I’m actually not thinking much about how the big setting is going to look since, whatever I do, I’m sure I’ll be able to design around the constraints that arise from designing a smaller game first. Many things will have to change at that point anyway and I can’t predict them all and generalize accurately. Deciding on this lifted a big burden from my chest actually! 😛