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Feedback on portraits is pretty good. The poll is unquestionable… 38 / 0 in favor of realistic portraits…

I’ll setup a little test to see if/how portraits can really improve the storytelling process. Here is a dialog that I find pretty good. I didn’t write it myself. See if one of you can find where it comes from… 😉 I’ve hidden the character names so that it’s not too easy…

I’ll post the version with portraits within a few days…

Girl [close to tears] : I’m sorry. It was my fault. Why do I have to be treated like this ? Just because I’m a little different ? It’s not fair… [sob] [hears a music box]
Boy [the music box in his hand. looks surprised]

Girl [sees the boy. frowns]
Boy : You like it ? Why else would you be staring ?
Girl : I thought… I just thought it was a pretty song. That’s all.

Boy : Really ? [see the horns] Oh ! Are those going out of your head ? They look like horns !
Girl : I’m sure you think my horns are disgusting don’t you ?

Boy : What ?
Girl : I’m sick of this. I’m sick of it all.

Boy : That’s cool ! They’re so cool ! No way, that’s totally awesome ! I’m nearly jealous !

Girl : You’re jealous ? You have no idea how much trouble these horns have caused to me.
Boy : Uh… I’m not sure what you mean, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that cool ! I’m not kidding. I think they’re great.

Girl : Leave me alone. You’re not funny.

Boy : Hey ! What do you think, do you want to be friends ?
Girl : You must be joking

Boy : What ? Why is that ?
Girl : It’s because I hate all of you.

Boy : You hate all of us ?… Hold on ! Listen ! My name is XXX. Same time tomorrow. I’ll be waiting for you right here. Don’t forget to come. I’ll be here. I promise.

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  1. “I’ll setup a little test to see if/how portraits can really improve the storytelling process.”

    If you reduce “storytelling” to dialogues, this might be true. But there are other ways to enhance dialogues. Like prose, written from an auctorial / omniscent perspective — instead of stage directions.

  2. You’re right. I should have said “how portrait can improve dialogs”. On another hand, I think too much prose would kill the game pace. Players (at least myself) generally don’t like reading pages of text in games. For TCOD, I’ll try to reduce as much as possible the quantity to read, with minimal dialogs, as in Final Fantasy series. The challenge is to still have strong story/characters with minimal dialogs…

  3. And, like in the FF series, it’s entirely possible 🙂

  4. Is it from ICO?

  5. Close !
    But in ICO, the boy has horns, not the girl, and there are no dialogs because the boy and the girl don’t speak the same language.

    You have a point though, because indeed, it comes from Japan 🙂

  6. Elfen Lied. Haven’t watched it yet (getting there, just give me a few weeks take off the plastic wrap off the DVD set, I’m that slow), but I have a very strong feeling that the dialogue comes from it.

    Horns + Girl + ihaethooman (ihaethooman = blood, guts, killing = guilt trip) = Elfen Lied = im/infamous for being a good/violent anime that I haven’t watched yet.

  7. You win ! 🙂

    Elfen Lied is one of my favorite animes. If you can look past the violence and nudity, you’ll see an amazing story of jealousy, love and hate. Something very simple, basic, about human relations. No super hero here, no world to save. Only a boy and a girl… Of course, violence and nudity can seem a bit gratuitous, but I think they contribute to this Faulknerian “sound and fury” ambience. So if you can put up with the first 10 minutes of episode 1, you’ll find one of the stronger, deeper, most intimist anime of all times. I love it.

    Btwn the first line of the dialogs is from the end of episode 8, the rest is at the beginning of episode 9. I hope you’ll enjoy your dvd 🙂

  8. You really seem to be pushing the limits of the roguelike genre! It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

    Anyway, I have an off-topic question, please excuse me. Does the Doryen library work with Python 3.0? I’d like to try it and it’d be nice to start with the latest and greatest Python.

  9. I didn’t have the opportunity to test the python wrapper with python 3 yet. I’ll do it before the final 1.4.1 release. It probably works out of the box, because it’s a very simple wrapper.