portrait v2

It seems I found a way to compensate for my poor artistic skills. Instead of trying to draw portraits from scratch, I tried to draw on top of real pictures. Results are encouraging. The problem is that they might be less legible than the big headed comic-like portraits… What you say ? (please try not to judge the girl attractiveness but what would be the best in the game!).

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  1. It’s dependant on the style of the game.

  2. I think both look just fine. I would go with which ever was easier/faster to create.

  3. Although both drawings look good, I think the new smaller picture is better. There’s too many “manga style” heads in games.

  4. This is a question of personal tastes of the user and artistic choices of the author (you! 😉 ).

    Personally i think that the big-headed comic-like drawing are associated with amateurish games.
    It’s a style that sends a message like “this game is not to be taken seriously, i made it just for fun”.

    If you take a brief tour in the indie game scene you’ll find cartoonish character mostly in parodies, “joke” games, and programmer-graphics ones.

    On the other hand, as i said before these are only my personal tastes, others may think differently.

    Choices, choices… 😉

  5. Both are OK, I think it depends mostly of the style of the game.

  6. a) better
    It look’s like those portraits from Tactics ogre game on SNES 😉

    Please continue that great work!


  7. Wow thanks for all your feedback !

    Concerning the style, it will be dark and mature, but I think both style would fit. FF6 shows that cute graphics are not incompatible with dark themes 🙂

    The realistic style is probably easier to produce. I just have to google to find pictures.

    Worthstream might have a point concerning manga style and amateurish games (or rather casual games, since tcod is amateurish after all, but certainly not casual).

    Finally, I’m more and more inclined to use the realistic graphics. I had the opportunity to improve a bit the draft I posted yesterday and it almost looks as good as the manga one. I’ll do a male and child test to see if it works as well with non top-modelish pictures… 😉