First emotions

Eyebrow / eyes only.

WFT ???!!! A tourist in hawaian shirt ? In a cave ?

Ah man.. I don’t remember… Did he say the blue pill or the red pill ?

Oh my god… This guy will never release his game…

Why would she call me a pervert in the first place ?? She’s so un-cute…

I wish I never accepted this portrait job…

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  1. Veeeeeeery nice! Then, facial expressions, scars, dirt, facial hair and we’re ready to roll!

  2. Hehe, really good expressions! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Sweet! I like the new slight yellowish colouring of the pics. I think it fits better this way. Was sceptical first, but I am now sure it will turn out cool.

  4. Thanks to you all 🙂
    The white background pictures where saved directly from paint.net. The yellow ones are done with TCOD engine. They’re the same that will be used in the actual dialogs bubbles, only a bit bigger here.

  5. Mate, it’s been a few. That kid is looking at me funny I swear. Looks like he’s in for a good-ole’ can of woop-ass!! [/drunk] He’s alright I guess. [/sober now]

  6. Keep on rocking!